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Today's windows are available in the following frame options and feature energy efficient double or triple glazed sealed glass. To further enhance the energy efficiency of the window a variety of Low E glazing and inert non- toxic insulating gas is available.


Vinyl Windows
Vinyl Windows are today's most popular choice. They are colour-fast, durable and mildew-resistant. They will not warp, crack or peel and are engineered to withstand the ever-changing extreme weather conditions.


Wood Windows
Wood windows are well insulated and add beauty to the home. They are available in weather resistant vinyl or aluminum exterior finishes. Interior finishes include Oak, Douglas Fir, Pine and Mahogany.


Fiberglass Windows
Fiberglass window frames are extremely strong with minimal expansion and contraction tendencies. Fiberglass is also used in boat and bridge construction, reinforcing its reputation as a product, which is suited to worst possible weather conditions.

Installation Methods

Installation Windows Full Frame Replacement: The entire frame of the existing window including the interior casing trim is removed. The new window is installed directly to the wooden frame (studs) of the house and has attached interior wood or vinyl jamb extensions. The interior casing trim finish is available in a variety of wood finishes or vinyl.

Retrofit: The existing window frame that is attached to the frame of the house and the interior casing trim is not removed. Only the existing operating section of the window is removed and the new window is installed into the existing frame opening. This method reduces the overall glass coverage of the window.


Installation Windows
High Efficiency windows will have either a double or triple pane sealed unit. The sealed unit consists of either two or three panes of glass on either side of a spacer, which forms the insulated sealed thermal unit.

Energy Efficient Coatings

Installation WindowsA variety of Low E (Low Emissivity) coatings are available.

Low-Emissivity glass is specially coated to admit light but reflect heat, keeping it outside in the summer and holding it inside in the winter. Its higher R (Thermal Resistance) value means greater insulating performance than ordinary windows. Ordinary thermal glass has an R (Thermal Resistance) factor of 2.1. A typical thermal unit with LOE2 (With Argon Gas) has an R factor of 4.2 and also reduces the amount of UV light by up to 1/3 of other coatings, protecting your furniture, flooring and most importantly, your family.

Argon and Krypton Gas

Argon and Krypton are safe, non-toxic gases, which are heavier than air. When used in conjunction with Low E glass, these gases provide better insulation because heat and cold do not pass through Argon and Krypton gas as easily as through air. The gas filled sealed unit provides a buffer between the interior and the exterior of the home. Furthermore, Argon and Krypton are non-toxic and present no human health or environmental concerns.