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Entrance and Garden Door Installation




The entire frame of the existing door system, including the interior casing trim, exterior brickmould and threshold sill is removed. The door is pre-hung onto a wood or vinyl clad frame with an insulated aluminum threshold sill. The pre-hung door system is installed directly to the wooden frame (studs) of the house. Shims are installed between the new doorframe, threshold and the frame of the house to ensure a square fit.



Expanding foam insulation is inserted between the frame of the door and the frame of the house.

Interior Finish:

A variety of interior casing trims are available. The trim is attached to the interior doorframe.

Exterior Finish:

Exterior brickmould is attached to the doorframe to cover the gap between the door and the brick or siding. The brickmould can be clad in either vinyl or aluminum. Caulking is applied to seal any tiny tolerance gaps between the brickmould and the exterior wall.