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How It Works!

Our free service gets you the best deal on professionally installed quality brand name windows and doors

What We Do For You
  • We match you with reputable professional Window and Door contractors who have accepted your offer. You get a quality project... at the price you want to pay!
Why You Get The Best Deal?
  • Consumers contact contractors to visit their homes to "get an estimate"
  • Statistically only one in ten of these estimates results in a sale
  • The costs of visiting these homes to provide an estimate and all the follow up calls are built into the price of the windows and doors
  • Because we only supply our contractors with a steady stream of motivated customers who are ready to place orders, their costs are reduced and this allows them to reduce their prices, and... accept your offer!
Make your Offer now

What You Do
  • You make an offer for your window and door requirements... at the price that you want to pay!

Get Started

Follow these easy instructions to get the best value for your hard earned money...

Get at least two estimates
  • To establish the price range of your project, book at least two in-home appointments with reputable contractors and get written estimates from them. This information will help establish the amount that you are prepared to offer
After you receive your estimates
  • Click on the "Make An Offer" link and proceed to make your offer to us
  • After your offer is submitted, we will send only your offer (without your contact information) to all of our member contractors
  • The contractors who accept your offer will respond to us. Only at this time, will your contact information be sent to these contractors
  • After receipt of your contact information, those contractors will contact you directly and all further dealings will be between you and the contractors

Your Benefits

  • Our service is free to you
  • Make your offer and only contractors who accept your offer will contact you
  • No longer do you have to waste your valuable time chasing or waiting for contractors to return your calls
  • You save time as we research the contractors on your behalf
  • The only sales representatives that will be visiting you, represent companies that have already accepted your offer
  • You no longer have to negotiate with "high pressure" sales representatives
  • Great value, quality products and service... at the price that you want to pay!
  • Now... you are in total control
Did You Know That?
  • Our member contractors will often accept an offer that is below the normal "going rate" so that they can keep their installation crews busy.
  • Many of our member contractors receive extra, unpublished manufacturers' specials. This allows them to further reduce their prices... saving you even more money!
  • Many of our member contractors who have low overheads will often accept offers at prices that you could not source on your own
  • We always have access to these contractors and their extra special savings deals!

Remember... To get the best deal, don't sign an order with anyone before you make us an offer!

Make your Offer now


Still not sure how it works... need help?

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