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How It Works!

Our free service gets you the best deal on professionally installed quality brand name windows and doors

What We Do For You
  • We match you with reputable professional Window and Door contractors who will visit with you in the comfort of your home. At this meeting the contractor will listen to your concerns and discuss your ideas and then quote your project. Our contractors will compete aggressively to "earn your business"
Why You Get The Best Deal?
  • We supply our member contractors with a steady stream of customers, reducing their advertising costs
  • Their office costs are reduced as our system prequalifies and prioritizes their appointment calls
  • All these savings are passed onto you, resulting in a great deal
What You Do
  • Fill in the online "In-Home Consultation Request" form and submit it to us. Our member contractors will contact you directly.

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Your Benefits

  • Our service is free to you
  • No longer do you have to waste your valuable time searching for contractors and waiting for them to return your calls
  • We forward your in-home consultation request to our reputable professional Window and Door contractors
  • You request the quantity of in-home visits that you require and you will only be contacted by these contractors
  • Great value, quality products and service... at a fair price
Did You Know That?
  • Our member contractors will often accept an offer that is below the normal "going rate" so that they can keep their installation crews busy.
  • Many of our member contractors receive extra, unpublished manufacturers' specials. This allows them to further reduce their prices... saving you even more money!
  • Many of our member contractors who have low overheads will often accept offers at prices that you could not source on your own
  • We always have access to these contractors and their extra special savings deals!

Remember... To get the best deal, don't sign an order with anyone before you get a quote from our contractors

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Still not sure how it works... need help?

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